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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Abandoned by the orphanage when I was six weeks old, I was left in the nearby woods where I was raised by wolves for two weeks. Then they got sick of me and abandoned me. A few things were said, I could have been more diplomatic perhaps, but I still maintain that wolf politics is corrupt bullshit. After this, a squirrel* took me in, until I realized that, whilst I was crazy about nuts, I was also allergic to squirrel hair. I hiked to town and hid inside the back of truck that was transporting Starbuck coffee cup lids and stirrers to The Big City. I stayed here for 18 years, never alerting my presence to the truck driver, who used to pull over every 500km or so and silently cry to himself. To this day, that truck driver is unaware that he was my primary caregiver growing up. I like trucks, beards, and country and western music. I've accidentally used deodorant as hairspray and vice versa on only one occasion so far. *Because of this I will not wear products made out of squirrel.

Lost Screencaps of the WeAk

Sun remembering she abandoned her baby
A random baseball reminds Wise Temple Dude that, before he was a Wise Temple Dude, he was an admin assistant for some big company.
Ben Linus, left out of the Super Fun Happy Beach Club again.
Kate trying to remember what she said to the last friend she had that nursed a dead-skeleton-baby for three years on an unchartable island.
I wrote this on my hand once and held it up against a car windscreen. It got a few laughs, but mostly it was just annoying to wash off.
Desmond Hume gets his memory back in an MRI machine. I didn't get any flashbacks when I was in an MRI machine, but I listened to an awesome new remix of a classical song on the headphones the nurse gave me. She told me the music that was playing was her own personal tape. Desmond/Karene = win? I'm calling it even.
Sawyer: Remember what happened last time we were in this cage together?
Kate: We fucked.
Sawyer: Yeah. Wanna maybe, you know... round two?
Kate: You know, Lapidus is in here with us.
Sawyer: So?
Kate: ... Nah, mate.

Purgatory Rousseau is heaps hotter than Crazy Island Rousseau.
This was on Alterna-Locke's facebook.